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Paz by BC Nowlin, an oil painting featured in Art of New Mexico 2016.

Art of New Mexico 2016

It’s irrefutable: Art and New Mexico are inextricably linked. Many celebrated artists, from Georgia O’Keeffe to Ernest Blumenschein, permanently re-rooted themselves in New Mexico, so transfixed were they by its infinite inspiration.

Free eBook on Portrait Artist Rising Stars

Portrait artists have the stunning ability to paint and draw peoples’ likenesses. In the scheme of things, this is one of the most powerful abilities a representational artist has. In our Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Portraiture & Portrait Artist Rising Stars, you get a roadmap to this genre and knowledge...

Contemporary Plein Air Painters from Southwest Art

New Plein Air Painting Resource Guide

Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Contemporary Plein Air Painters is the latest resource guide created by the editors and writers of Southwest Art magazine that focuses specifically on plein air artists in the contemporary art world. In Southwest Art Collector’s Guide to Contemporary Plein Air Painters, you will find a portfolio-style...

Free eBook on Collecting Contemporary Sculpture

Explore the unique sculptures being created by today’s most intriguing 3d sculpture artists in Collecting Contemporary Sculpture: Southwest Art Sculpture Artists to Watch. In this free eBook, you will find statue art formed and shaped by today’s most promising artists, so that you can appreciate their work for yourself and perhaps...

Sweet South-Wind That Means No Rain, oil, 12 x 24 by Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Artists of Note | Bethanne Kinsella Cople

Not Just a Hobby Anymore
Over the Stile, oil, 11 x 14, by Ginger Whellock

Artists of Note | Ginger Whellock

Finding Her Place in Art

Free Watercolor Painting Resource Guide for Collectors

It really only takes one glance at a skillful watercolor painting for you to be caught—completely entranced by the color combinations, forms, and perceptions of light you see on the surface of the painting. We completely understand the allure of watercolor artists and their work, which is why the free eBook,...

Free Figurative Art Collector’s Guide

Everlasting is not easy to come by in our day and age, but one genre of art that is seemingly everlasting is figurative art. Whether an artist has just started her career or is an established artist, whether they have traveled far and wide or choose to never stray far from...

Free eBook from the Land of Enchantment

For we art lovers, it is seemingly impossible to see all the worthwhile paintings, sculpture, and more that artists are making right now. Lucky for us there’s just so much great art being created! But as art lovers, collectors, and appreciators, we can begin to familiarize ourselves with areas or locales...