Watercolors & Acrylics 2017

Sandy Haight, Kilauea's Kiss, watercolor, 28 x 18.

Sandy Haight, Kilauea’s Kiss, watercolor, 28 x 18.

The fine artists in the following pages portray the world around them using a sprightly palette of watercolors and acrylics. In their artworks you’ll find a mix of realistic and abstracted subject matter, including landscapes, wildlife, still lifes, and figurative works created both in the studio and en plein air. Among the paintings are representations of street signs and koi ponds, dairy cows and billy goats, trumpet flowers and rose petals, rocky bays and rainforests, even vintage gas pumps and new Chucks! From apple trees to autumn leaves, this sampling of artworks created in water-based media hums with a joie de vivre that merits exploration.