Artists Collections

In each issue of Southwest Art Magazine we will feature artists collections, to learn more about these collections please read on!

Lester Salazar (Florida), Bougainvillea Corner, watercolor, 14 x 11.

Beyond the West 2016

The West is so often celebrated for its natural wonders and beauty that—for some—it risks overshadowing the equally lovely marvels beyond it.
John Schooley, Mama Beside You, watercolor on paper, 22 x 18.

Art of Watercolor 2016

The world's oldest watercolor paintings date back to paleolithic cave paintings in southern France, but the art form didn’t grow roots as an artistic mainstay until thousands of years later, thanks to early watercolor masters like Albrecht Dürer.
Trisha Adams, Hay Rolls, oil on canvas, 30 x 30.

Nationally Emerging Artists 2016

Don't let the term "emerging" fool you. Although the artists in the following pages are just beginning to garner recognition on the national level, these gifted individuals definitely aren't rookies.
Paz by BC Nowlin, an oil painting featured in Art of New Mexico 2016.

Art of New Mexico 2016

It’s irrefutable: Art and New Mexico are inextricably linked. Many celebrated artists, from Georgia O’Keeffe to Ernest Blumenschein, permanently re-rooted themselves in New Mexico, so transfixed were they by its infinite inspiration.