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Slade Wheeler, Without Delay, oil.

Emerging Artists | Slade Wheeler

Legendary architect Mies van der Rohe once said, “God is in the details,” and those famous words could also be a mantra for Slade Wheeler. The California artist creates highly detailed trompe l’oeil works that can take up to two months each to complete. The tromp l’oeil style requires tight, realistic imagery to create...

Jeremy Manyik, Standing Ground, oil, 60 x 36.

Emerging Artists | Jeremy Manyik

The year 2016 may only be halfway over, but it’s already brought great success to Colorado painter Jeremy Manyik. On the national stage, Manyik was one of 25 finalists in the Portrait Society of America’s annual art competition, and on the local front, he recently won a top award from the Sangre de Cristo...

Mark Mehaffey, Into the Light, watercolor, 30 x 22.

Mark Mehaffey | No Limits

Mark Mehaffey used to jokingly say he was a schizophrenic painter, using the outmoded term for someone who couldn’t settle on a single personality. In his case, he had no desire to choose one medium or even one style—and still doesn’t. But these days he uses a more politically correct phrase and calls himself...

Roberta Combs, Sterling Pears, pastel, 12 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Roberta Combs

Light, shadow, mood, and drama— these are a few of Roberta Combs’ favorite artistic elements. For the Canadian artist, painting is more about them and less about subject matter. Hence the variety of genres in her oeuvre. In fact, whether a painting depicts tomatoes, toddlers, or tea roses, Combs considers them all portraits. “I...

Kathie Odom, Sun-Bathing, oil, 10 x 20.

Emerging Artists | Kathie Odom

When it comes to inspiration, there’s no place like home for Kathie Odom. And “home” for her means the entire state of Tennessee. Odom relishes driving the state’s back roads, where vintage houses, barns, and bridges dot the landscape—all visual fodder for the landscape painter. “The more rural and old the structures are, the...

Meridee Mandio, Shadows and Light, oil, 16 x 20.

Emerging Artists | Meridee Mandio

Long before she even understood the idea of a career in fine art, Meridee Mandio had a pencil, pastel, or crayon in her tiny hand. As a child, Mandio says, she drew and painted out of sheer delight. And while growing up in Pennsylvania, she was fortunate enough to have an endless supply of...