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Lee McVey, Abiquiu Road, oil, 9 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Lee McVey

It was not artistic preference but rather an unfortunate accident that first led Lee McVey to pastels. The lifelong artist was working as a middle-school art teacher when a student tripped down the stairs and used McVey to break her fall. She ended up with a torn ligament in her shoulder.

Jane Hunt, Frozen Creek, oil, 16 x 20.

Jane Hunt | Artist to Watch

When Colorado landscape painter Jane Hunt was growing up, her family seemed to be in perpetual motion. Between the ages of 8 and 15, Hunt moved back and forth three times between England and the United States thanks to her father’s career as an engineer. Reflecting back on the peripatetic nature of her childhood,...

Gregory Packard, A New Hope, oil, 30 x 36.

Artists of Note | Gregory Packard

For Montrose, CO, artist Gregory Packard, color is to his paintings what the keynote is to a song. “I love expressing with color because it’s almost endless what you can say,” Packard explains. “Certainly value and composition structure that, but color can set the tone from across the room.”