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Cindy Wilbur, Scent of Lavender, oil, 16 x 16.

Cindy Wilbur | Shoot for the Moon

Over the years, studying with such landscape painters as Gil Dellinger, Kathleen Dunphy, and Brian Blood as well as teaching workshops herself, Wilbur's approach has evolved from fairly realistic to a looser, impressionistic style.
Lesley Rich, The Parisians, oil, 12 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Lesley Rich

Similar to Méheut, Rich alters the perspectives of her subject matter to portray honest but “unexpected” views of everyday scenes in people’s lives, from a dinner gathering to a funeral procession.
Tim Kelly, The Queen of Easton, oil, 30 x 30.

Emerging Artists | Tim Kelly

Across all his works, Kelly wants his brushwork and mark-making to be visible. “I want my work to look real, but it’s fun to look at a painting when you can see the artist’s process,” he says.
Tyler Swain, Firedance, oil, 12 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Tyler Swain

It takes just one sweeping look through Tyler Swain’s oeuvre of still-life paintings to recognize that the Utah artist celebrates beauty in simplicity, and nature offers up some of his best models in that department.