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Gayle Crites

Lonely, arresting, fearless Crites’ subjects, as Thomas Moore writes, “lure the heart into profound imagination.”

Dave McGary

A new book chronicles the two decades McGary has spent experiencing and depicting the intricate details of Plains Indian lifeways.

Recent Books | May 1997

By Donna Tennant All This Way for the Short Ride: Roughstock Sonnets, 1971-1996 Poems by Paul Zarzyski Photographs by Barbara Van Cleve First paired in the book called simply Roughstock Sonnets, poet and former bareback rider Paul Zarzyski and photographer Barbara Van Cleve (both from Montana) have produced 20 new poems and 35 photographs...

Bev Doolittle | Limited Edition Prints

By Myrna  Zanetell Frame House Gallery of Louisville, KY, began marketing the first limited-edition prints in 1967, and within a decade, sales of this innovative product had reached full stride. Robert Bateman, Terry Redlin and Bev Doolittle became a magical triad of offset lithographic print artists: Purchasing one of their images was like placing...