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Wilson Hurley | On a Large Scale

Wilson Hurley, who painted these murals over a period of five years in the 1990s, was born in 1924. That would make him 80 years old this year. He is nearly 6 feet 6 inches tall and works out three times a week, which makes him improbably fit for the physical tasks of painting...

Edward Aldrich | Wild at Heart

Having first made his mark on the art world in the late 1980s with meticulously detailed, adroitly observed, and emotionally resonant depictions of North American and African wildlife, Edward “Ned” Aldrich might reasonably be expected to have been born and raised studying nature in far-flung wide-open spaces. Except that he was born and spent...

Robin Laws | Lively Pastures

One recent morning, sculptor Robin Laws’ three favorite models went wild for no reason at all. Jennifer, Elizabeth, and Libby suddenly charged through a nearby cluster of chickens. “There was a real chicken explosion,” Laws recalls.

Robert Bissell | Down the Rabbit Hole

In the opening chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, Alice tumbles down a long, long rabbit hole into a magical realm where the Cheshire Cat, Mock Turtle, and March Hare hold court. Likewise, when viewers enter kingdoms created by artist Robert Bissell, they often feel as if they, too, have somehow...

Emerging Artist | Greg Overton

A love of western art was instilled in Utah artist Greg Overton at an early age. His mother taught him to paint when he was just 5 or 6 years old, and he was copying the work of artists such as Russell and Remington by the time he was in grade school.