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The Produce Aisle | Dennis Wojtkiewicz

PEACH SERIES #4, OIL, 28 X 72 By Devon Jackson By If it hadn’t been for Bob Paulson, a professor of art at Southern Illinois University, Dennis Wojtkiewicz might’ve ended up back in the working-class Chicago neighborhood he was born and raised in, airbrushing and detailing cars for a living. Instead, Paulson convinced Wojtkiewicz to […]

Legends of Fine Art | Clark Hulings

CLARK HULINGS By Bonnie Gangelhoff Rustic Italian villages. Bustling Parisian markets. Rural Mexican farmhouses. Clark Hulings’ paintings reflect his love of worldwide travel. On location, the peripatetic artist casts his creative eye on everyday scenes from the lives of ordinary people. Hulings’ long and successful career began in an unlikely fashion. He graduated from college […]

21 Over 31 | Wendy Chidester

By Bonnie Gangelhoff Adding machines, lunch boxes, record players, and old suitcases are a few of Wendy Chidester’s favorite things. “I love painting anything that has been replaced and forgotten,” the Utah artist says. She gathers subject matter for her contemporary still lifes everywhere she can, from antique shops to city streets. She once came […]

Success Stories | Matt Smith

By Bonnie Gangelhoff When Matt Smith was working on his degree in painting at Arizona State University, he was discouraged by the school’s focus on abstract art. He soon found himself studying the painting styles of classic American landscape artists such as Maynard Dixon, William Herbert Dunton, and Edgar Payne. Today, all the hard work […]