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The Produce Aisle | Erin Harnett

FALL JEWELS, OIL, 6 X 16 By Devon Jackson “I get hung up on details—that’s very relaxing to me,” laughs H.L. “Erin” Harnett. “And I try always to put imperfections into my paintings. Like in FALL JEWELS, the leaves are brown and spotted, and the persimmons are ripe and have lots of divots and...

Brad Rude | Wild Kingdom

Washington's Brad Rude sculpts familiar animals in surreal situations. Rude's work is somewhere between western realism, abstract openness, and “The Twilight Zone.”

21 Over 31 | Allen Garns

By Bonnie Gangelhoff In GLOBE, Allen Garns offers viewers a portrayal of an old movie theater in downtown Los Angeles. The painting sprung from reference photographs and drawings he had made and saved 20 years ago. “I have a real feeling for L.A. because I used to visit my father at the fire department...