Recent Books | September 1997

wolf walking southwest art.
Wolf Walking

By Donna Tennant

Wolf Walking
By Edwin Daniels
Illustrated by Judi Rideout

This is the first book to feature paintings by Rideout, one of North America’s best-known wildlife painters. She has won numerous awards for her popular wolf paintings with their intricate details and piercing eyes. Daniels’ text explores legends of the wolf and its history in America, from near-extinction to current attempts at repatriation in Yellowstone National Park and other wilderness areas. Excerpts by nature writers Barry Lopez, Farley Mowat, Jim Harrison, and poet Robert Service are included.

1997 Stewart, Tabori & Chang, 96 pages, 60 color illustrations, $19.95 hardbound

To Catch the Wind: A Photographer’s Journey
By Stephen Kirkpatrick

For his sixth coffee-table book, Kirkpatrick selected 100 of his favorite wildlife images shot on location throughout North America and paired them with entries from his journal. Featured subjects include killer whales, white-tailed deer, bears, snakes, and rare blue frogs. For him the book is “an emotional and spiritual journey that reaches into previously unexplored locales in my own heart and soul.” A resident of Jackson, MS, Kirkpatrick won first place in the Nature Conservancy’s 1997 National Photography Competition and honors in the International Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, London, England, in 1995 and 1996. He is working on a book on the Peruvian Amazon.

1997 Thy Marvelous Works, Jackson, MS, 128 pages, 104 color illustrations, $38 hardbound

The Upland Bird Art of Maynard Reece, Southwest art
The Upland Bird Art of Maynard Reece

The Upland Bird Art of Maynard Reece
By Maynard Reece

Reece grew up in the Mississippi and Missouri river valleys and has spent his life studying and painting the waterfowl and upland birds of their prairies, forests, and marshes. After he quit his job at age 30, Reece’s work was published in various wildlife publications, including an eight-page portfolio of his fresh- and salt-water fish in Life magazine in 1955.

Reece’s paintings of turkey, quail, pheasant, and grouse—more than 20 species—are accompanied by informative descriptions, anecdotes, and observations. His first book, Waterfowl in Iowa, was published in 1943, followed by The Waterfowl Art of Maynard Reece in 1987.1997 Harry H. Abrams, Inc., 160 pages, 84 illustrations, 79 in color, $49.50 hardbound

Wings From Cover: The Upland Images of Robert Abbett & Ed Gray
Painting and drawings by Robert Abbett
Essays by Ed Gray

Wings From Cover, southwest art.
Wings From Cover

This book is about a special breed of dogs bird dogs. Abbett is known for his paintings of them; reproduced here are images of Brittany and springer spaniels, English and Irish setters, Labrador retrievers, and pointers. Many of the paintings are portraits of dogs he has known and studied at length. He captures their single-mindedness as they search the underbrush for a bird, and he conveys the explosion of movement when one is flushed out you can almost hear the wings whirring. Also included are a few “puppy” paintings and some quick pencil sketches. Abbett’s full-page paintings alternate with Gray’s 10 poetic essays about hunting with dogs. Gray, who founded Gray’s Sporting Journal with wife Rebecca in 1975, dedicates this book to “Bad Bud the Brittany: lunatic, seeker, unrepentant. Bird dog.”1996 Willow Creek Press, Minocqua, WI,128 pages, 71 illustrations, 51 in color,$35 hardbound.

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