Art Online | September 2001

Birds, Birds, Birds, and More Birds by Karen Abeita. southwest art.
Birds, Birds, Birds, and More Birds by Karen Abeita

By James Turrell

If you missed the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art’s exhibit James Turrell: Infinite Light, which closes on September 9, you can learn about Turrell and his unusual work online. According to the museum’s website (, “For more than three decades, Turrell has manipulated the properties of light and human perception by creating installations which isolate light—giving it form, depth and mass.” Since 1972, the artist has focused on the Roden Crater Project ( Located in northern Arizona, the volcanic crater has been reshaped and modified to create “celestial vaulting,” a phenomenon in which the eye sees the sky as a dome rather than a flat expanse. It’s designed to make viewers feel as though they are standing on the edge of the earth. Grants from the Guggenheim Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Dia Art Foundation have helped keep the undertaking afloat. The project will be open to the public in 2003.

Native American Finds
For an excellent selection of Native American art as well as an education on the artwork, click on Available items include pottery from the Acoma, Zuni, and Santa Clara pueblos; Hopi baskets, jewelry, and kachinas; and Navajo rugs and jewelry. Jay Tallant, a former advertising executive, runs the family operation along with wife Mary and their son Tom. The Tallants, who began collecting Native American artwork over 40 years ago, are more than happy to share their expertise via extensive descriptions of items and information about the people who create the works.

South by Southwest
An online slide show chronicles photographer Tom Ogburn’s “South by Southwest” journey. Ogburn shot digital photos as he traveled from South Carolina to Wyoming in the summer of 2000. More than 80 photos are included in the show. Go to to view the photos.

More Pottery specializes in pottery from the Hopi, Santa Clara, and San Ildefonso pueblos. The online gallery boasts crisp visuals and interesting descriptions of each piece and its origin. Browsing through the site allows you to appreciate not only individual works of art but also the family ties and history of those who created them.

Buy Now at
Can’t wait for that online auction to close to find out if you made the winning bid? Go to, where selected auction items are now available for immediate purchase. Specially marked auction items feature blue Buy Now buttons, meaning the work can be bought immediately. Once a bidder clicks on the button, the work is sold for a predetermined price plus the buyer’s premium. “Buy Now provides buyers with the choice of realizing their purchase immediately,” says chairman David Redden. “We expect the feature will welcome more new clients from around the world to our online business.”

1,001 Days and Nights of American Art
For more artist’s quotations, fun art facts, and activities, visit, the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s online calendar. Dubbed 1,001 Days and Nights of American Art, the calendar began in January 2000 and will continue until the 2003 reopening of the museum’s galleries at the Old Patent Office in Washington, DC.

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