Milestones January 1999

In the Valley by William Wendt, the top lot at Christie s November auction in California, painting, southwest art.
In the Valley by William Wendt, the top lot at Christie’s November auction in California


The Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, DC, has chosen fiber artist and traditional basket maker Pat Courtney Gold and fashion designer Virginia Yazzie-Ballenger to participate in its artists-in-residence program. Gold is conducting research on Wasco-Wishram artifacts, Sally basket designs, and Plateau tribal basketry. Yazzie-Ballenger is researching Navajo clothing and photographs of historical garments representing various Native American tribes. The artists-in-residence program is held annually in the spring and fall.

The Texas Legislature has named Houston sculptor Edd Hayes as the official Texas State Sculptor. Hayes is known for his portrayals of Texas history and heritage.

Desert Storm, Arizona by Carl Oscar Borg, from Christie s November auction, painting, southwest art.
Desert Storm, Arizona by Carl Oscar Borg, from Christie’s November auction

Urshel Taylor, an Akimel Au-Authm artist, has been named one of Arizona’s Indian Living Treasures for 1998. The award recognizes Taylor for his artwork in oil, acrylic, and wood as well as his efforts to preserve the Akimel Au-Authm culture.

Arizona landscape artist Curt Walters won the People’s Choice Award at the recent Artists of America Exhibition and Sale at the Colorado History Museum in Denver. His winning work was an oil on canvas, Ethereal Magic of Lauterbrunnen, a Swiss mountain scene.Aleksander Titovets won the Artists’ Choice Award for best ensemble of work.

Show Results

California, Western and American Paintings, Drawings and Sculpture Christie’s

Beverly Hills, CA, November 1998Overall sales: $2,069,505

Top Lots:

William Wendt, In the Valley, oil, 50 x 60, $480,000

Jasper Frances Cropsey, Autumn on Ramapo River, New Jersey, oil, 24 x 44, $130,000

Harvey T. Dunn, On the Move, oil, 27 x 41 1/2 , $94,000

Carl Oscar Borg, Desert Storm, Arizona, oil, 36 x 40, $85,000

Thomas Lorraine Hunt, The First American Flag, oil, 78 x 90, $80,000

Edgar Payne, High Sierras, oil, 28 x 34, $55,000

Joseph Henry Sharp, Blackfeet Country, Montana, oil, 5 1/2 x 8 1/2 , $40,000

Albert Bierstadt, Fishing Station, Watch Hill, oil, 14 1/2 x 19, $32,000

John Marshall Gamble, Wild Lilac, Santa Barbara, oil, 20 x 30, $30,000

Marion Kavanagh Wachtel, In the Valley, California, watercolor, 16 x 20, $28,000

Gunnar Mauritz Widforss, Grand Canyon, watercolor, 28 1/2  x 38 1/2 , $28,000

Eanger Irving Couse, The Sculptor, oil, 12 x 16, $26,00