Portfolio: Deep in the Heart of Texas | Peggy Kingsbury

“Texas has such a variety of subjects, from rural to urban, that it is a never-ending source of inspiration. While photographs can be a legitimate source for a painting, working on location always inspires me—the quality of light, the sounds, the fresh air, the feel of a place. It is, in my opinion, the best way to capture a subject. There are many challenges that go along with plein-air painting. In this case, it was deciding what to leave out. The buildings, docks, equipment, and other boats could be distracting. I was drawn by the shapes and the light on these two boats. A boatyard employee came by and said, ‘I never knew it was beautiful.’ This is why I paint!”

G. Stanton Gallery, Dallas, TX; NanEtte Richardson Fine Art, San Antonio, TX; Artiques, Snow Hill, MD; Brazier Studio, Richmond, VA; www.kingsburyart.com.

Featured in April 2010