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Each issue of Southwest Art magazine features in-depth profiles of top artists in the West and beyond. Browse this section to read interesting and compelling stories about artists’ lives and their techniques, artistic styles, and sources of inspiration. Each article is accompanied by plenty of images to show examples of the artists’ works—including sculpture and paintings in oil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic, and featuring subjects from western landscapes to cityscapes, figures, wildlife and animal art, still lifes, and more.

Legends of Fine Art | G. Harvey

G. HARVEY By Norman Koplas Whether he’s sculpting, painting rollicking frontier scenes, or creating luminous canvases and prints, G. Harvey is an expert at harnessing the particular power art possesses to tell stories. Doing so has been a lifelong pursuit. “I always loved to sketch, draw, whittle, and carve,” says the artist, who was...