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Each issue of Southwest Art magazine features in-depth profiles of top artists in the West and beyond. Browse this section to read interesting and compelling stories about artists’ lives and their techniques, artistic styles, and sources of inspiration. Each article is accompanied by plenty of images to show examples of the artists’ works—including sculpture and paintings in oil, pastel, watercolor, and acrylic, and featuring subjects from western landscapes to cityscapes, figures, wildlife and animal art, still lifes, and more.

21 Over 31 | Nicole Desmond

By Bonnie Gangelhoff Nicole Desmond finds inspiration in the multicultural faces and figures she views every day on the bustling streets of New York City. Her model for LILLIAN is of Thai and German heritage, she says. “She is very lithe with a torso that is tremendously long,” Desmond explains. “I like the way...


Combining her passion for cats with a minimalist approach, Rosetta captures the essence of a predator.

Frederic Edwin Church | Painting the New World

Under Niagara, 1862 (chromolithograph) by Frederick Edwin Church By Gerald L. Carr Frederic Edwin Church [1826-1900] was the best-known student of Hudson River School founder Thomas Cole and one of the country’s preeminent painters of the New World. More than 40 paintings by Church are on view through January 3, 2001, at the Portland...