Deep in the Heart of Texas | Deborah Paris

“Northeast Texas is where the prairies of north central Texas meet the piney woods of the south. It’s also a very rural, agricultural area with wide expanses of ranch land and cultivated fields. While there is nothing dramatic or majestic about it, it is a constant source of inspiration for me. What inspired this piece, and all of my work, is the transformation of an ordinary landscape by changing light—those quiet, transcendent moments. The challenge here was to capture that clarity of light without losing the sense of atmosphere and mood. I like that it conveys a sense of quiet beauty and that fleeting, almost sensual quality of autumn.”

Whistle Pik Galleries, Fredericksburg, TX; Galerie Kornye, Dallas, TX; Galerie Kornye West, Fort Worth, TX; M Gallery of Fine Art, Sarasota, FL; Hildt Galleries, Chicago, IL; Loretta Goodwin Gallery, Birmingham, AL;

Group show, Whistle Pik Galleries, May 1-31.
Spring Gallery Night: Nature and Culture, Galerie Kornye West, through April 30.

Featured in the “Deep in the Heart of Texas” portfolio in April 2010