Deep in the Heart of Texas | David M. Bates

“This piece was painted during the ‘quick draw’ at the Outdoor Painters Society’s annual plein-air event. It was at Heritage Village, a park near downtown Dallas that is filled with old buildings reminiscent of the early days in that area. I was attracted to the contrast of the stark white church illuminated by bright morning sun and the cool shadows on the lawn and walkway. The biggest challenge was conveying the sense of morning light and getting the value relationships correct. A secondary challenge was completing the piece in the two-hour time limit while also chatting with curious passers-by. I think it captures the feeling of the moment, which, for me, makes it a successful painting.”


NanEtte Richardson Fine Art, San Antonio, TX; Port A Gallery, Port Aransas, TX;


A World of Color, Museum of East Texas, Lufkin, TX, through May 31.

Featured in April 2010