21 Under 31 | Daniel Keys

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

ART EDUCATION: Self-taught.
STYLE: I paint alla prima. Painterly realism is what everyone seems to call my style.
SECOND-CHOICE CAREER: I can’t see myself being anything but an artist. But I would have loved to have been a writer. I love to read classics by Charles Dickens and Jane Austen.
BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: When I was first starting out and seeking advice for my career, my dad told me that my success wouldn’t be based on how much money I made but on how much I gave back.
CREATIVE SPARK: Just things that catch my eye. I love antiques and old books, and I love to garden and grow things. I’m also inspired by other artwork.
PRICE RANGE: $900 to $6,000.
GALLERIES: www.danielkeysfineart.com.

Featured in our annual “21 Under 31” article in September 2009