21 Under 31 | Anna Youngers

MEMENTOS, OIL, 14 x 18.
MEMENTOS, OIL, 14 x 18.

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

BORN: Sioux Falls, SD.

ART EDUCATION: “When I was 16, I began my four-year academic atelier training. I’ve also taken workshops with William Whitaker and John Michael Carter.

STYLE: Representational realism.

MOST INTERESTING THING ABOUT THE WAY YOU WORK: “Often when I begin a painting I have a vague idea, a feeling that I want the piece to carry. I then arrange things with that in mind until my concept solidifies. I wouldn’t say this is a novel approach, but I do find the creative challenge from concept to actualization intriguing in itself.”

FIRST ART SALE: “In August 2006, I sold MORNING TEA for $3,600.”

OTHER PASSIONS: Photography and music.

MANTRA OR MOTTO: “Trust yourself—be bold!”

BIGGEST FEAR: “That I will stop learning and experimenting and become bored.”

FAVORITE STUDIO MUSIC: Billie Holiday, National Public Radio’s “Fresh Air with Terry Gross,” and audio books. “I often listen to classic children’s books. I love escaping through a child’s viewpoint.”

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Let your art lead you,” from William Whitaker.

PET PEEVE: People chewing with their mouths open.

FAVORITE ARTWORK BY ANOTHER ARTIST: Antonio Mancini’s SALTIMBANCO AFTER THE PERFORMANCE. “I was fortunate to stumble upon an exhibition of his work at the Philadelphia Museum of Art last winter. I was completely awestruck.”

PRICE RANGE: $1,200 to $8,000.

NEXT BIG GOAL: “To attempt some larger, more involved paintings that I’ve been storing up in my mind.”

CREATIVE SPARK: Visiting museums.

GALLERIES: Gardner Colby Gallery, Naples, FL (beginning in October); www.annayoungers.com.

Featured in our annual “21 Under 31” article in September 2008