Susan George | A Day at the Beach

Ocean Sky VII #10 by Susan George
Ocean Sky VII #10 by Susan George

By Devon Jackson

SUSAN GEORGE’S PAINTINGS SHINE with a kind of sunlit nostalgia. Her renderings of oceans, beaches, and skies, saturated with color and radiant light, evoke pleasant memories and a sense of tranquility. George incorporates still lifes into her landscapes, too, with beach umbrellas, chaise lounges, and seaside cafes alluding to beachgoers who remain unseen. “There are no people in them,” says George of her oil paintings. “People distract from the space.
The objects suggest the presence of someone.”

For the past 10 years George’s ongoing series of works have focused on the ocean, mixing her aesthetic appreciation for the representational with an instinctive approach to color. She is particularly enamored with the color blue—the blue of a bottle, the blue of the sky, and the blue, of course, of the ocean. “Every ocean is a different blue,” she says…

Featured in March 2007

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