The American Landscape | Guido Frick

Excerpted from Art Journey America: Landscapes.

Harmonies of Hawaii, oil, 20 x 24. Private Collection. Photo: Lawrence Guymon.

Born in 1947 in Germany, Guido Frick spends half of the year painting in Europe and the other half painting in the United States. He received his art education as a student of Czechoslovakian impressionist Karel Hodr, but he considers the influence of Russian-born painter and instructor Sergei Bongart as the most important.

What inspired this painting?
For days it was raining like crazy and never seemed to stop. I had had all my painting equipment shipped over to my place in the Hawaiian Islands, and there I was, sitting on the porch, staring into the rain, not able to do a single brushstroke. After days of this, suddenly a bright sun broke through the clouds. The breeze blew the clouds, and my frustration, away and it looked like a color explosion. I felt a color explosion within myself and tried to put that on the canvas in this painting, titled Harmonies of Hawaii.

How would you describe your painting style?
I always have a problem labeling my “style” because it is not abstract—it is realistic, but in a loose, non-photorealistic way. I paint loose, sloppy, careless, generous—but controlled loose, sloppy, careless and generous.

What galleries represent you?
Evergreen Fine Art, Evergreen, CO; New Masters Gallery, Carmel, CA; Sunset Art Gallery, Amarillo, TX;

Featured in January 2012.