The American Landscape | Don Rantz

Excerpted from Art Journey America: Landscapes.

Canyon Color, pastel, 18 x 24. Private collection.

Don Rantz lives and works in Prescott, Arizona, a small town with abundant natural beauty. In 2006, Rantz won the Ruth Richeson Award for Excellence in the Pastel 100 competition, sponsored by The Pastel Journal, for his piece DESERT VISTA. And in 2009, his painting HOME OF THE ANCIENTS won best of show in that year’s Pastel 100 competition.

What inspired this painting?
Sunset at the Grand Canyon is often a magical experience. While this piece is not an exact representation of a specific place or scene, it was compiled from my various experiences in the canyons of the West over the years.

How would you describe your painting style?
In general, I am a representational painter. I do, however, like to push the color boundaries once in a while, simplifying the compositions, shapes and colors, playing with exaggerated color harmonies to produce more visually exciting pieces than can be found in nature.

What galleries represent you?
Collector’s Room, Tucson, AZ; Ian Russell Gallery, Prescott, AZ; Don Rantz Fine Art.

Featured in January 2012.