Success Stories | December 2009

When Jeremy Lipking first appeared in our pages eight years ago, he was only 26 years old, and already the art community in Southern California was abuzz about this amazing figurative artist with talent reminiscent of John Singer Sargent. Lipking has gone on to win a string of prestigious national awards for his sensitive interpretations of the figure.

We catch up with Lipking and 19 other artists we featured early in their careers to find out just how far they’ve come since then. In many cases the achievements are remarkable: Consider Mian Situ, who first appeared in Southwest Art in 1997, when the average price for one of his mid-size pieces was $4,000. Today a painting of the same size goes for $22,000, and his auction record stands at a jaw-dropping $576,000!

Dollar figures are hardly the only way to measure success, though. Find out which accomplishments mean the most to the artists themselves as you share in their stories of success. We’re so pleased for them, and pleased that you saw them here first. You can always count on Southwest Art to spot artists who are on their way to the top.

Jay Moore
R. Tom Gilleon
Duke Beardsley
Luke Frazier
Don Sahli
Jeffrey Watts
Ray Roberts
John Moyers
Nancy Bush
Sandra Pratt
Dan Gerhartz
Josh Elliott
John Coleman
Jeff Legg
Jeremy Lipking
Joshua Tobey
Mian Situ
Karen Vance
Morgan Weistling
Matt Smith

Featured in December 2009