Strokes of Genius | Laurin McCracken

Williamsburg Soldiers, India ink in steel pen on bristol paper, 22 x 28.

This drawing is from a photograph taken by my daughter on a family trip to Williamsburg. I saw the photo and asked if I could use it. One of the things that attracted me to the image was the repetition of the major elements: the vertical lines of the weapons and the rhythm of the soldiers moving from left to right. I used an old-fashioned steel nib 
in a wooden pen holder and India ink over a very detailed pencil drawing. I inked the dark fabric as a collection of fine lines rather than a flat wash to better depict the coarse fabric. I share a favorite quote from Albrecht Dürer: “The more accurately your work represents life, the better it will appear.”

representation: Southside Gallery, Oxford, MS; Jack Meier Gallery, Houston, TX; Carlisle Gallery, Auburn, AL.

Featured in March 2012.