Scottsdale Drawing Event | October 2010

On the Rocks by Timothy Jahn

Scottsdale, AZ | Five local galleries are joining together this month for the second annual Scottsdale Drawing Event. “There is something seductive about this medium,” says organizer Beth Lauterbach of Scottsdale Fine Art. “Drawings give viewers the opportunity to view the foundation skills essential to all artists.” In addition to Scottsdale Fine Art, the other participating galleries are Duley-Jones Gallery, Gallery Russia, Joan Cawley Gallery, and, new this year, Legacy Gallery. “This is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring yet another tremendous medium to our viewing audience,” says Scott Jones of Legacy Gallery. Most of the artists are known primarily for their paintings, though a few choose pencils or charcoal as their main mediums. Among the featured artists are Allen Garns, Michael Maczuga, Laura Mitchell, Alicia Lang, Regina Lyubovnaya, Marci Oleszkiewicz, Russell Crocker, Michael Swearngin, Timothy Jahn, and Marina Dieul. A 64-page, soft-cover book with drawings by the artists can be purchased at the galleries. The Scottsdale Drawing Event kicks off October 14, when the galleries hold open houses from 7 to 9 p.m. in conjunction with the Scottsdale art district’s Thursday night ArtWalk. The ending dates of the shows vary by gallery. For more information: 480.990.3100 or