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Don Rambadt

Greater Roadrunner, bronze/stainless steel/copper, 28 x 14 x 12.

“Often I find myself ruminating on an idea for a sculpture for several years, waiting until my metalworking skills align with the concept I’ve imagined. GREATER ROADRUNNER was the result of one of these extended incubation periods. In the spring of 2006 I was driving through southern Arizona when I saw a dark shape flash through the underbrush. I slowed as much as traffic would allow and was able to catch just a glimpse of the bird as it leapt to the top of the cholla cactus that contained its nest. Its alert posture created a striking silhouette against the desert backdrop and formed the memory from which this piece was composed.”

Columbine Gallery, Loveland, CO; Bronze Coast Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR; www.donrambadt.com.

Upcoming Shows
Gallery of Artists, The Ward Museum, Salisbury, MD, July 8-10.
Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO, August 13-14.
Featured artist, The Waterfowl Festival, Easton, MD, November 11-13.
Plantation Wildlife Art Festival, Thomasville, GA, November 18-20.


Tyson Snow

White Fruit No. 2, bronze, 11 x 11.

“My White Fruit series speaks to the ancient symbolism of many spiritual traditions. Many traditions speak of the ‘tree of life.’ Multiple sources describe its fruit as being exceedingly white and very desirable.

“My work in general focuses on the figure. Through allegory and symbolism, it points to common threads of human existence that we all share. For example, a smile has a universal language that resonates in every land and culture. We all experience love, loss, hope, despair, birth, and death. These and other themes help me to create lasting art that is not only aesthetically beautiful but meaningful as well.”

Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; www.tysonsnow.com.


Pokey Park

Spirit Totem, bronze, 74 x 25.

“SPIRIT TOTEM was inspired by the carvings and myths of a number of Native American cultures. The piece intertwines a snake, dragon, bear, lion, and ram. The idea came from my desire to create a family totem using symbolic animals woven together. The animals represent the zodiac years in which my children were born. I was born in the year of the snake, which is wound around and protecting everyone. Although some cultures view the snake negatively, it is actually an ancient symbol representing rebirth and healing. I don’t try to create anything that is negative but want my sculptures to offer comfort, peace, and strength by giving a feeling of empowerment.”

Adagio Galleries, Palm Desert, CA; Jane Hamilton Gallery, Tucson, AZ; K. Newby Sculpture Garden, Tubac, AZ; Lumina Contemporary Fine Art, Taos, NM; Red Contemporary, Steamboat Springs, CO; SmithKlein Gallery, Boulder, CO.

Upcoming Shows
Group show, Annmarie Sculpture Garden, Dowell, MD, June 10-August 21.
Hudson Valley Art Association Annual Exhibition, Old Lyme, CT, June 17-August 20.
Loveland Sculpture Invitational, Loveland, CO, August 13-14.


Carol Gold

Double Bliss, bronze, 14 x 14 x 6.

“DOUBLE BLISS started out as a single figure. As sometimes happens with my dancing figures, when the mold is done and I’ve pulled more than one wax, I take the two figures and play with them interacting in different ways. There seemed to be a nice harmony and rhythm with the two BLISS figures together, and so DOUBLE BLISS was created. I enjoy making sculpture that says something about communication. This is a recurrent theme in my work and was inspired by a phrase from the poem ‘La Palabra’ by Pablo Neruda: ‘not to talk is to die among beings.’”

Bronze Coast Gallery, Cannon Beach, OR; Coda Gallery, Palm Desert, CA; Columbine Gallery, Loveland, CO; Gallery 822, Santa Fe, NM; Scottsdale Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ; www.carolgoldsculpture.com.

Upcoming Shows
Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO, August 13-14.
Group show, Bronze Coast Gallery, November 4-6.


Clay Enoch

Walk on Water, resin/steel, 44 x 138 x 22.

“While his companions display emotions ranging from disbelief to disapproval, this modern-day Peter steps out on the water in cautious confidence to attempt the impossible. Translating a biblical theme into contemporary, sculptural form is one of my passions. My desire is for the viewer to identify with the truth that transcends any religious context. There will always be ardent naysayers and prudent keepers of convention who warn against attempting the extraordinary, but, as Peter demonstrates, faith requires action. You cannot walk on water if you never get out of the boat. The tension created in the composition between balance and instability echoes the idea of risking the unconventional.”

Columbine Gallery, Loveland, CO; Leiper’s Creek Gallery, Franklin, TN; White Stone Gallery, Philadelphia, PA; Creator Mundi, Denver, CO; www.clayenoch.com.

Upcoming Show
Sculpture at the River Market, Little Rock, AR, October 14-16.


Jamie Burnes

George, CorTen steel/white oak/stainless steel, 6 feet high.

“I use simple, straightforward materials—felled trees and fabricated CorTen steel—to convey dualities found in nature. My pieces are simultaneously abstract and representational. I use modern materials resistant to the breakdown of time and finish them with the patina of decay to create an almost medieval machine yet still a lifelike creature. The challenge of creating this lumbering, powerful giant presented itself while I was looking at a huge log at my studio whose grain and shape held similar rhythms to a bison. Years later, a rare intimate encounter with a few of these creatures showed their double nature: seemingly slow, amicable, and docile, a closer look revealed a wild presence with eyes one is afraid to stare into.”

Gallery Mar, Park City, UT; L’attitude Gallery, Boston, MA; Mainview Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ; Shidoni, Tesuque, NM; www.jnbdesigns.com.

Upcoming Shows
Art in Public Places, Stamford, CT, June-August.
Solo show, Boston Convention Center presented by L’attitude Gallery, Boston, MA, July.


D.E. McDermott

Spanish Dancer, bronze, 20 x 10 x 5.

“When I had my studio in Spain, I became a fan of many things Spanish, especially the art of flamenco. I sought out late-night bars and bodegas where the performers would gather after their shows to wind down and relax. And often, after the wine and tapas were consumed, the guitars would come out, chairs would be pushed to form a circle, and the singing and dancing could go on into the early hours. This is the first of a series of bronzes dedicated to the great dancers of flamenco.”

S.R. Brennen Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ, and Palm Desert, CA; www.demcdermott.com.


Timothy Nimmo

Dying Ibex, bronze 15 x 12 x 12.

“My work depicts animal spirits at moments of transition, or my interpretation of ancient creation myths about spiritual transitions. DYING IBEX explores the animal’s spirit on the threshold of death—transitioning from physical back to spirit. It was inspired by the ancient Roman sculpture DYING GAUL, combined with my experiences as a big game hunter. The majority of my work deals with creation and birth themes. It seemed natural for me to explore the transitions involved with death in DYING IBEX.”

Gallery 203B, Santa Fe, NM; www.sacredstag.com.

Upcoming Shows
Sculpture in the Park, Loveland, CO, August 13-14.
Sculpture at the River Market, Little Rock, AR, October 14-16.

Featured in July 2011.