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John Kinkade
Owner of Columbine Gallery • Loveland, CO

John Kinkade

Distinction: Kinkade founded the National Sculptors’ Guild and promotes public art across the United States.
What is the significance of the name you chose for your gallery? The name was chosen not only because the columbine is Colorado’s state flower but also because it is the floral symbol for the spirit that lies within each of us—something meaningful to me.
What trends do you see in your market today? Although we have many patrons who stick to a particular palette, others have been seeking bolder and innovative variations.
What accomplishment are you most proud of in your career? My proudest accomplishment has been to champion a community of artists while serving as the bridge between these artists and our patrons.
What is the most unusual or funniest thing that has happened while you have been in the gallery business? Whether I am planting flowers in an Alaskan sculpture garden or discussing the unveiling of monumental sculptures with the FBI at the entry of the Clinton Presidential Library, there have been few dull moments.
What do you think the guild has contributed to the increased popularity of public sculpture? I started the guild with seven sculptors, and it now has 25 members and has participated in over 300 public art placements throughout the United States. In addition, we have had several hundred private and corporate placements.
How has Southwest Art contributed to the careers of your artists? I started reading Southwest Art in the 1970s. It has been my leading source of information about artists and art events in the West ever since. When I created the National Sculptors’ Guild, I turned to the powers that be at Southwest Art and sought their advice. There have been wonderful editorials about our artists; four of our sculptors’ works have been on covers. Southwest Art has enormously enhanced all of our careers.

Featured in “40 Prominent People” in May 2011.

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