40 Prominent People | Jim Janes & Mark Smith

Jim Janes & Mark Smith
Owners of Greenhouse Gallery • San Antonio, TX

Jim Janes & Mark Smith

Distinction: Representing top artists and creating two major annual shows, Janes and Smith have made Greenhouse Gallery and San Antonio an important destination for collectors.
What are some of the biggest changes you’ve seen in the art world? The biggest change for us was going from representing local artists and serving local clients to featuring international artists and working with international clients. Another significant change was the availability of important Russian works from the Soviet era, and all the highly talented Chinese artists coming along.
What trends do you see in your market? There are a greater number of talented painters creating figurative works, and we have seen significant interest from collectors.
How have collectors’ tastes changed over the years? Collectors are making much more informed decisions today. We are also seeing an increased interest in works that blend traditional and modern elements.
What accomplishment are you most proud of? The creation of our two international shows. Being respected as one of the largest and most significant galleries in the country. Our reputation for quality, honesty, and integrity with artists and clients. And our early recognition of talented painters Mian Situ, Andy Thomas, and Kathryn Stats.
What prompted you to create the Salon International and International Masters shows? We were disturbed that very fine traditional artists were not being recognized like we felt they should be. Most museums wouldn’t give them the time of day. So we founded the museum that sponsors these two exhibits, the International Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art. It’s a virtual museum at this point, but we have hopes to make it a physical museum eventually.
What do you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years? To give voice to great artists, provide insight for collectors, and enjoy the amazing friendships that come with collecting art. You cannot collect art without collecting friendships.

Featured in “40 Prominent People” in May 2011.

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