40 Prominent People

By The Editors of Southwest Art

Southwest Art celebrates four decades of publishing this month. The magazine first appeared in May 1971, and since then it has chronicled the art scene in the American West through good times and bad. It has evolved from an early focus on Houston to its current scope, encompassing everything from Texas to California, from the Southwest to the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Northwest. And as art-world tastes have shifted—from cowboy and Indians to realism with a contemporary influence—Southwest Art has covered it all, championing the best artists along the way.

In our anniversary we salute some of those top artists, who have set the standards for quality in the art world. And we salute other essential members of the art community who have made an impact: the gallery owners, show organizers, membership organizations, scholars, and more who have made, and continue to make, enormous contributions to the field.

It almost goes without saying that an attempt to select just 40 prominent people is nearly impossible and highly subjective. There are countless others who could have been included on these pages. But we think you’ll agree that everyone mentioned here has played an important role and made a difference.

There’s just one crucial person missing from this group: you. Without art collectors and art lovers, there wouldn’t be an art market or a magazine. And so as we celebrate the prominent people in this issue, we also salute you for your appreciation of the artistic creativity that makes the world brighter place.

Anne & John Marion

California Art Club

John Nieto

David Dornan

John Geraghty

Stuart Johnson

Cowboy Artists of America

Curt Walters

Peter Hassrick

Glenna Goodacre

Jack A. Morris, Jr.

Mikkel & Catherine Saks

Donna Howell-Sickles

George Carlson

Leroy Garcia

John Kinkade

Bill & Joffa Kerr

Clyde Aspevig

Jeremy Lipking

David A. Leffel

Gary BeBout

Cowgirl Up!

Nedra Matteucci

Jim Janes & Mark Smith

Dan Gerhartz

Dave McGary

Mark Sublette

Oil Painters of America

Robert Bateman

Susan McGarry

Mark Tarrant

Scott Christensen

Plein-Air Painters of America

Quang Ho

Richard Schmid

Maryvonne Leshe

Brad & Jinger Richardson

George Lundeen

Rose Fredrick

Gerald Peters

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