21 Under 31 | September 2000

Peaches by Sarah Lamb, courtesy Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX painting, southwest art.
Peaches by Sarah Lamb, courtesy Meredith Long Gallery, Houston, TX

By Margaret L. Brown

In 1977 Southwest Art profiled a 31-year-old emerging artist named Michael Coleman. “There is little doubt that Coleman is one of the rising stars in western art,” said the article of the artist, who today is considered one of the country’s preeminent wildlife painters. Who are the rising stars of the year 2000, the preeminent painters and sculptors of tomorrow? In this issue’s Millennium Series we identify 21 such artists—all under the age of 31 and including Michael Coleman’s son, Nicholas. “My dad says to me: ‘You’re only as good as your last painting.’ That means I have to keep making them better,” says Nicholas. This dedication to excellence is echoed by the rest of this talented group and evidenced in the quality of their artworks. Take note, collectors, as we introduce you to these “21 under 31.”

Art of the new century is also discussed by California landscape painter David Ligare, whose Still Life With Roses and Arrow appears on the cover. “The advanced art of the new century will be highly representational and reverential towards nature,” says Ligare, whose works revere the beauty of the area around his home in Monterey County. He often incorporates mythological metaphors into his landscapes, combining contemporary and classical elements. This month we also profile painters David Mann and Maggie Muchmore, preview the Artists of America show in Denver, CO, and give you the inside story of how a collection of historic Russian Impressionist paintings made its way to Scottsdale.

As we were completing this issue we were saddened to learn of the death of landscape painter Lanford Monroe. Look for a special tribute to Monroe in our upcoming November issue.

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