21 Over 31 | November 2009

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

For many years, we’ve introduced you to talented artists who are just beginning their careers in our annual “21 Under 31” feature. But emerging artists aren’t always under 31 years old, so we decided to conduct another nationwide search for artists over the age of 31. In the following pages, you’ll meet the contest winners, learn what inspires them, and find out where you can see more of their work.

1st Place- Joshua Flint
2nd Place- Francois Chartier
3rd Place- Juntae Kim

Honorable Mentions:
Sydney Brown
Lisa Gloria
Deon Matzen
Soon Warren
Scott Royston
Allen Garns
Mejo Okon
Wendy Chidester
Diane Farr
Brian Burt
Rowan Hill
Susan Driscoll
Diana Woods
Nicole Desmond
Scott Metherd
Jill Barton
Charles Young Walls
Meadow Gist

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