21 Under 31: Young Artists to Watch in 2016 | Theresa Morgan


Theresa Morgan, Wait, oil, 30 x 30.

Theresa Morgan, Wait, oil, 30 x 30.

Art Education: Bachelor of fine arts in painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

Creative Spark: I am usually inspired to paint things or people that are part of my life and represent something important to me. Other times I’m inspired simply by the way light touches something ordinary or mundane, inspiring me to capture beauty that is often left unnoticed.

Other Passions: Bettering the lives and education of low-income children, being active outdoors, and my family.

Best Advice Received: A quote from the novel Siddhartha has always stuck with me, especially when thinking about art: “The true profession of man is to find his way back to himself.” A brief comment from a past instructor, Albert Ramos Cortes, during a personal meltdown has also stuck with me. He said, “No matter how badly you paint, no one will die.” A good reminder to not take oneself too seriously.

Biggest Fear: The deep ocean has always terrified me, as well as the movie Pinocchio.

Pet Peeve: When people don’t take driving seriously, or when people disrespect public property by littering. 

Quirkiest Trait: There are too many to mention. But it has been pointed out to me that I always paint with my pinky finger stuck out.

Mantra or Motto: Happiness is a frame of mind made largely of gratitude.

Favorite Studio Music: Something upbeat that I can dance to.

Future Goals: More art and world peace.

Price Range: $150 to $4,200.


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