Emerging Artist | Tae Park

By Bonnie Gangelhoff

Draiad by Tae ParkFor Tae Park, painting is a doorway into another world—a gateway to another reality. “Painting is not only creating an illusion of three-dimensional space, but a reflection of the world that exists within me,” says the Northern California artist. The inner world which she depicts is an idealized reality that evokes peaceful but fleeting moments in time.

In her figurative works, Park’s goal is to create a dream-like mood, often by casting scenes in a mystical light. To achieve this effect, she often goes out with her model to the forest at about 5 a.m. in winter and takes reference photographs. Or she may venture out in heavy rain on a cloudy, misty morning with her camera. “By considering my emotional reaction and by imagining stories about my subjects, I am able to go beyond superficial representation to convey character,” she says.

Since she was child, Park has been fascinated with Greek and Roman mythology, especially the fantasy creatures known as nymphs. Today such beings of the forest and her imagination continue to offer endless inspiration. She has a master’s degree in fine art from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she currently teaches in the graduate program. She is represented by Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art, San Antonio, TX; New Masters Gallery, Carmel, CA; Meyer Gallery, Santa Fe, NM; and STUDIO Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

Featured in “Artists to Watch” November 2006