Emerging Artists

Art collectors interested in learning about today’s top emerging artists can find everything they need right here. These hot, new emerging artists encompass a wide variety of styles and genres, including plein-air painting, landscapes, still lifes, wildlife, western paintings, and more. Many of these emerging contemporary artists have won awards in highly respected art competitions. You’ll also learn about the many galleries for emerging artists—a great source for purchasing artworks by these rising stars.

Kristan Le, Arrangement of Plums, oil, 12 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Kristan Le

Northern California-based Kristan Le is fond of painting in all genres and says that whether it’s a still- life, landscape, or figurative work, her artistic mission is always the same: “to capture the sincerity and authenticity of the moment.”

Sarah Siltala, Warbler with Grape, oil, 8 x 10.

Emering Artists | Sarah Siltala

Sarah Siltala has a special fondness for birds, noting that each feathered creature reveals its distinct personality as she paints it, becoming a reflection of the meditative act of painting, the New Mexico artist says.

Vincent Xeus, Girl in Scarf, oil, 14 x 11.

Vincent Xeus

Vincent Xeus' chiaroscuro style is 
reminiscent of paintings by 17th-century Dutch masters like Rembrandt and Vermeer. But Xeus is quick to point out that there are other strong influences at play, such as works by contemporary masters Gerhard Richter, Odd Nerdrum, Francis Bacon, and Antonio López Garcia.