Emerging Artists

Art collectors interested in learning about today’s top emerging artists can find everything they need right here. These hot, new emerging artists encompass a wide variety of styles and genres, including plein-air painting, landscapes, still lifes, wildlife, western paintings, and more. Many of these emerging contemporary artists have won awards in highly respected art competitions. You’ll also learn about the many galleries for emerging artists—a great source for purchasing artworks by these rising stars.

Tamara Callens, Gwen, oil, 20 x 20.

Emerging Artists | Tamara Callens

In many ways the artist remains inspired by her California roots, and her paintings often radiate sunshine and warmth as a result, she says, but they also reflect the charm of the romantic era of painting.
David Dibble, Bern, oil, 18 x 18.

Emerging Artists | David Dibble

Last year Dibble received an honorable mention at the Oil Painters of America’s Western Regional Exhibition for his portrayal of a sunlit barn in layered earthy hues of amber, ocher, and flax.
George Bodine, The Changeling, oil, 18 x 24.

Emerging Artists | George Bodine

Today the entirely self-taught painter has polished his own style, a self-described “painterly realism” that has earned Bodine national recognition and a collector following in the United States and Europe.
Kami Mendlik, Tucson Washout, oil, 9 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Kami Mendlik

Mendlik studied her environs with an artist’s eye, drawing and painting everything from the landscape and river to her horses and wild roses. In doing so, she formed a profound connection with the region that fuels much of her plein-air and studio work today.
Anthony Salvo, View From Cliff Drive, Laguna Beach, oil, 12 x 24.

Emerging Artists | Anthony Salvo

Salvo chooses to paint it all, from an autumn view along Laguna Canyon Road to a rusty 1953 Dodge pickup to perfected renditions of his mom’s apple pie. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Jeffrey Beauchamp, Frida Be You and Me, oil, 60 x 48.

Emerging Artists | Jeffrey Beauchamp

In Beauchamp’s studio landscape paintings, classic representational scenes are often entangled in painterly, abstracted patterns. Realistically rendered figures might be surrounded by a conceptual background of lively, colorful brushwork.