Emerging Artists

Art collectors interested in learning about today’s top emerging artists can find everything they need right here. These hot, new emerging artists encompass a wide variety of styles and genres, including plein-air painting, landscapes, still lifes, wildlife, western paintings, and more. Many of these emerging contemporary artists have won awards in highly respected art competitions. You’ll also learn about the many galleries for emerging artists—a great source for purchasing artworks by these rising stars.

Julie Davis, The Silos, oil, 12 x 9.

Emerging Artists | Julie Davis

Today, on her canvases, the Austin artist brings touches of glory to humble landscapes and tumbledown structures around central and western Texas, celebrating everything from an old feed mill in Marfa to a shuttered Waco storefront.

Emerging Artists | Lei Q. Min

Min’s ensuing research so touched her that she embarked on a series of paintings that portray the experiences of early Chinese-American women immigrants, including stories of hardship and discrimination.

Emerging Artists | Guenevere Schwien

On first glance, it might seem like an incongruous assortment, but Guenevere Schwien’s hyperrealist still-life paintings of sleek motorcycles, tempting sweets, sunlit tulips, and holiday lights share a universally irresistible theme.
Kathleen Hudson, Pig Pen, oil, 12 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Kathleen Hudson

Mountains have always captivated Hudson, and not just as an artist. She studied medieval history and literature at Harvard University and devoted her thesis to their spiritual role in narratives. For Hudson herself, now 30, alpine country offers a quiet refuge.
Tamara Callens, Gwen, oil, 20 x 20.

Emerging Artists | Tamara Callens

In many ways the artist remains inspired by her California roots, and her paintings often radiate sunshine and warmth as a result, she says, but they also reflect the charm of the romantic era of painting.