Emerging Artists

Art collectors interested in learning about today’s top emerging artists can find everything they need right here. These hot, new emerging artists encompass a wide variety of styles and genres, including plein-air painting, landscapes, still lifes, wildlife, western paintings, and more. Many of these emerging contemporary artists have won awards in highly respected art competitions. You’ll also learn about the many galleries for emerging artists—a great source for purchasing artworks by these rising stars.

Dane Chinnock, Exiguous, oil, 32 x 18.

Emerging Artists | Dane Chinnock

Chinnock still enjoys exploring the wilderness of his home state in every season, just as he did as a boy, but now he uses oil paints and a palette knife to portray its wide-ranging beauty.

Randy Saffle, Calling It a Day, oil, 9 x 12.

Emerging Artists | Randy Saffle

A plein-air artist with no formal training, Saffle focuses his creative endeavors not on the landscape per se but on once-crucial manmade contrivances now decomposing in its midst: dilapidated trucks, ancient tractors, collapsing barns.

Barbara Jaenicke, Enchanted Evening, pastel, 16 x 20.

Emerging Artists | Barbara Jaenicke

You might call impressionist Barbara Jaenicke a painter of light. Light-filled landscapes in any region and any season fascinate her, but the Northwest winters especially suit her taste for capturing the play of light and shadow on snow.

Terry Cooke Hall, Wind in His Sails, oil, 12 x 9.

Emerging Artists | Terry Cooke Hall

Wielding 30 years of graphic design and illustration experience, Terry Cooke Hall infuses her distinctive figure paintings with everything from California Impressionism and the golden age of illustration to flavors of the Southwest and Art Deco panache.

Emerging Artists | Zufar Bikbov

Since Bikbov has been painting en plein air in the United States, he says his landscapes and townscapes—which still bear marks of Russian Impressionism—have acquired “higher key colors.”

Adam Clague, In Her Eyes, oil, 16 x 16.

Emerging Artists | Adam Clague

Clague, who completed his graduate studies in fine art at Pensacola Christian College and today lives in Missouri, describes his painting style as impressionistic realism; his goal is to “faithfully” capture the essence of his subject.

Peggy Judy, Big Dreams, acrylic, 24 x 18.

Emerging Artists | Peggy Judy

An equestrian passion runs in the Colorado native’s family—her husband is an equine veterinarian and her two children, now grown, are skilled horsemen—so it seems only natural that paintings of horses and horsemanship claim a major portion of Judy’s oeuvre.

Mike Hernandez, China Cove, gouache, 6 x 6.

Emerging Artists | Mike Hernandez

Los Angeles-based plein-air artist Mike Hernandez defines his paintings as “risk- taking” balanced by restraint. Working primarily in gouache, Hernandez approaches his subject matter as though he were looking for the right words to pay tribute to a beautiful woman.