Emerging Artist | Karryl

By Julie Osterman

Wildlife sculptor Karryl has been creating three-dimensional art for as long as she can remember—the artist jokes that she started creating works in the sandbox. But it wasn’t until she took classes with Hollis Williford at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts that she became determined to make this her career, says the longtime Colorado artist who just moved to Pennsylvania. The sculptor is often drawn to big cats, and between trips to Africa and national parks across the United States, she has incorporated everything from giraffes and lions to cows, bears, and birds in her work. A coyote caught her eye for the piece butterflies are free.

“The butterfly was swooping down and teasing this guy,” she explains. “To me, it was a dance for spring.” Although Karryl’s home base is now on the East Coast, she continues to have a studio in Loveland, CO, and travels to as many art shows as possible. “It seems like when people walk by my booth, they smile,” she says. “They stop and tell me about their adventures, so I know I’m touching people.” Karryl, an associate member of the American Academy of Women Artists and the National Sculpture Society, is currently preparing for the Sculpture in the Park show in Loveland in August.

She is represented by Windrush Gallery, Sedona, AZ; Millsap Moore Gallery, Evergreen, CO; Soda Creek Gallery, Sisters, OR; and Patrons Gallery, Denver, CO.

Featured in “Artist to Watch” July 2004