21 Under 31 | Rob Rey


ART EDUCATION: Bachelor of fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design.

STYLE: Realism with strong brushwork. Figures, portraits, still lifes, and landscapes.

INSPIRATION FOR YOUR WINNING PAINTING: The intermingling of domestic life 
and wildlife.

SECOND-CHOICE CAREER: Probably something with mythology, engineering, or 
science. Something that, like art, makes a positive impact on humanity.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Never stop learning.

House Mouse, oil, 14 x 11.

CREATIVE SPARK: I have an enthusiasm for life and a thirst for knowledge. I am constantly looking to learn about the world around me through a broad range of topics. What I learn doesn’t always directly influence my art, but the excitement gleaned from learning something new drives my creative endeavors forward. Human emotion is perhaps a common point where I funnel this 
energy and begin my artwork.

ONE THING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I consider the day I go apple picking in the fall to be a holiday, and it is my favorite holiday of the year.

BIGGEST FEAR: My deepest fear is the willful ignorance and rejection of science among the general public and its possibly catastrophic repercussions.

PET PEEVE: Fanaticism.

FUTURE GOALS: I want to make paintings that are not only beautiful but also inspire people to learn.

PRICE RANGE: $300 to $3,500.

REPRESENTATION: www.robreyfineart.com.

Featured in September 2011.