21 Under 31 | Natalie Lundeen

California contemporary realism artist

Natalie Lundeen, The Red Line, oil painting

Natalie Lundeen, The Red Line, oil, 12 x 24.

Art Education: I got my foundation of traditional drawing and painting at Mission: Renaissance in Pasadena, CA, and I have continued taking workshops with artists I admire.
Style: Modified realism. I try to use what I’m painting as a source of information, without copying it.
Creative Spark: Museum visits, music, nature, beautiful personalities, and travel.
Second-Choice Career: A musician. Music is one of my biggest loves, so it was a tough choice.
Best Advice Received: To ignore my losses, keep my attention on the good things, and to keep pushing toward my goals, no matter what.
One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You: Very often I want to throw my paintings out the window. The most successful thing I do is to continue painting past this point.
Biggest Fear: Monsters under the bed.
Pet Peeve: The idea that talent is something you’re just born with, when I know how hard artists work to achieve their skills.
Future Goals: Take painting trips all over the world, never stop learning, and reach bigger and bigger audiences.
Price Range: $200 to $2,500.


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