21 Under 31 | Matthew Metzger

Ohio-based landscape painter

Matthew Metzger, Clouds; Atmosphere; Time; oil painting

Matthew Metzger, Clouds; Atmosphere; Time; oil, 47 x 68.

Art Education: I’m self-taught.
Style: Currently I’m focusing on tonal, atmospheric landscapes.
Creative Spark: Mist, mysticism, mystery, paradox, and food.
Second-Choice Career: I’d be a furniture maker, sculptor, lawyer, or cook—all of which I also do from time to time.
Best Advice Received: Nothing is black and white, except black and white.
One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You: I went to law school and practiced at a large law firm before becoming an artist.
Biggest Fear: That Paul Delaroche was right when he said—or reportedly said—“painting is dead.” I hope history has proven him wrong.
Pet Peeve: Pet peeves. And ironic jokes.
Future Goals: To find a gallery at which I’ll be able to have great long-term relationships with the owners, curators, and fellow artists and where I can show my paintings and sculpture as a whole, as one vision.
Price Range: $300 to $7,000.
Representation: Gallery 42, Mason, OH; www.metzgerfinearts.com.

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