21 Under 31 | Jonathan Stasko

New York figurative, still-life, and landscape painter

Jonathan Stasko, Waiting: Sisters at Ellis Island, 1906, oil painting

Jonathan Stasko, Waiting: Sisters at Ellis Island, 1906, oil, 36 x 27.

Art Education: Bachelor of science and master of arts in commercial art from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL.
Style: I intentionally avoid concerning myself with a formula for paint application and choose instead to focus on constantly enhancing my technical ability and aesthetic judgment. This approach has allowed my style to develop naturally and enables me to approach every painting with a fidelity to communicating the desired message.
Creative Spark: I am enthralled with studying and depicting American history, particularly 18th-century frontier life. I strive to connect viewers with the humanity of people in our nation’s story by portraying the simple to extreme experiences of their lives. I hope to communicate something valuable about the past while inspiring people to be something even better in their future.
Second-Choice Career: For me, being an artist is not about a career choice. It is a deep part of who I am. I believe this is, at least in part, the purpose for my life, and I am very humbled by and thankful for such a calling.
Future Goals: Artistically speaking, my primary goal is to be the best artist I can be. My desire is that my art will bring glory to God and enrich the lives of those who view it.
Price Range: $250 to $6,000.
Representation: Spa Fine Art & Framing, Saratoga Springs, NY; jonathanstasko.com.

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