21 Under 31 | Jason Cytacki

Oklahoma cowboy and western artist

Jason Cytacki, See the USA (In Your Chevrolet), oil painting

Jason Cytacki, See the USA (In Your Chevrolet), oil, 42 x 62.

Art Education: Bachelor of fine 
arts from Indiana University and master of fine arts from the University of Notre Dame.
Style: My style varies from project to project, but I always work in a representational manner. I work within and around traditional genres such as landscape, portraiture, and narrative scenes.
Creative Spark: I am currently inspired by classic western films and nostalgic Americana imagery.
Second-Choice Career: Probably a comic-book penciller. I have always loved comics; they were the initial hook that led me to painting.
Best Advice Received: If you are not enjoying what you are 
doing, you are probably doing 
something wrong.
Future Goals: To continue pushing myself to make work that challenges both myself and my viewers.
Price Range: $600 to $5,000.
Representation: JRB Art at the Elms, Oklahoma City, OK; www.jasoncytacki.com.

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