21 Under 31 | Erika Baez


ART EDUCATION: I decided to completely submerge myself in art approximately two years ago. I started by attending the Angel Academy of Art in Florence, and currently I am an apprentice at the Àni Art Academies Waichulis, where I will complete my studies.

STYLE: Representational/experimental.

Captured, pastel, 10 x 5.

INSPIRATION FOR YOUR WINNING PAINTING: I saw an episode of MythBusters where they were trying to re-create a TV commercial. In the commercial there were bees flying off with a laptop. In my head I saw a bee flying off with the honey it worked so hard to create. I completed the composition by depicting the full spring cycle of flowers, bee, honey, and bear.

SECOND-CHOICE CAREER: Pastry chef, neuroscience researcher, or farmer.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: You can either pursue something that you love or stay doing something that you don’t.

CREATIVE SPARK: Dreams and irony.

ONE THING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I like to find old furniture at flea markets—pieces that have some character. Then I bring them back to life with modern colors and fabrics.


PET PEEVE: Procrastination.

FUTURE GOALS: To be a working artist represented in this country and abroad. Eventually I would like to own an art shop/coffee house that is affordable to everyone, and where people could buy unique handmade items by up-and-coming artists. I would have clothing, jewelry, ceramics, books, and, of course, art.

PRICE RANGE: $100 to $2,000.

REPRESENTATION: Mainstreet Galleries, Kingston, PA.

Featured in September 2011.