21 Under 31 | Eric Suchowesky


ART EDUCATION: I have two bachelor of fine arts degrees in commercial art and graphic design and also a master of fine arts from the Pensacola Christian College in Florida.

STYLE: Representational.

January Thaw, oil, 20 x 30.

INSPIRATION FOR YOUR WINNING PAINTING: The painting stems from many childhood memories—memories of home, Michigan winters, and the snow-covered woods of my neighborhood. The sight of my warm home in the distance after a long chilly walk through the woodlands brought comfort. There was always a light left on so we could see it just a little better through the misty fog.

SECOND-CHOICE CAREER: Professional wakeboarder. In many ways it’s similar to being a painter. Both involve extreme dedication to your craft, constant striving for self-improvement, and heavy competition. Besides, I love the feeling of gliding across the water.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: My Dad telling me, “If you’re going to do something, do it right. And if you want to be the best at something, remember that there’s always someone better than you.”

CREATIVE SPARK: Looking at remarkable works from many artists I respect and incorporating their mastery into my own work. I also enjoy observing a person, place, or little slice of life that is important to me. Then I find one small reason to paint it. My hope is that the end result will communicate the beauty of God’s creation and the wonderful moments he gives us in this world.


BIGGEST FEAR: That my life will not be effective for spreading the message of Jesus Christ.

PET PEEVE: When I tell myself, “Just one more brush stroke. Just one more brush stroke for real this time.”

FUTURE GOALS: To continue growing and maturing both as a Christian and as an artist.

PRICE RANGE: $200 to $2,000.

REPRESENTATION: www.ericsuchowesky.com.

Featured in September 2011.