21 Under 31 | Carl Bork

Colorado figurative and landscape artist

Carl Bork, Friendly Octopus, oil landscape painting

Carl Bork, Friendly Octopus, oil, 40 x 30.

Art Education: Bachelor of fine arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH.
Style: For my figurative work, I like to go toward realism with a contemporary, impressionistic feel. With my landscapes, I like to paint more impressionistically.
Creative Spark: It can be anything—an expression on a model’s face, the effects of color and light in a scene, an emotion, or even the abstract qualities of a subject. It can also be an idea that gets me excited, like the idea that texture can represent light.
Second-Choice Career: Some sort of entrepreneur or small-shop owner. In a way, I already am a small-shop owner because I have my own gallery in Salida, CO.
Best Advice Received: Paint what you love and are truly interested in.
One Thing Most People Don’t Know About You: I always enjoy a good Kung Fu action flick.
Pet Peeve: Running out of a color while painting, and it’s the last tube of that color that I have.
Future Goals: To continue to live freely and to better myself as a person. As an artist, I’d like to expand my gallery representation, and I’d love to do a big museum show someday.
Price Range: $100 to $4,000.
Representation: Germanton Gallery, Germanton, NC; Carl Bork Fine Art, Salida, CO.

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