21 Under 31 | Adam Clague

Michigan figurative and still-life painter

Adam Clague, Tea and Inspiration, oil painting

Adam Clague, Tea and Inspiration, oil, 24 x 24.

Art Education: Bachelor and master of fine arts from Pensacola Christian College in Florida. I studied under artist-in-residence Brian Jekel.
Style: I strive to honestly capture my subjects from life while aiming for looseness and variety in brushwork and paint application.
Creative Spark: Sometimes inspiration stems from the challenge of capturing a particular lighting situation, a subtle color harmony, or a figurative gesture. Other times it springs from a story I want to tell. Always it is sparked by the joy of capturing and communicating beauty.
Second-Choice Career: I don’t have a Plan B. Painting is my passion and what God has called me to do. Unless He leads me in a different direction, I’m going to keep painting.
Best Advice Received: When painting, don’t forget to have fun.
Biggest Fear: Running out of coffee and paper towels.
Pet Peeve: Time. It moves too quickly.
Future Goals: To live more for my Savior, Jesus Christ, and to travel and paint the world with my lovely wife, Andrea.
Price Range: $175 to $9,000.
Representation: Hudson Fine Art & Framing Company, Hudson, OH; adamclague.com.

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