21 Under 31 | Aaron Bushnell

1st Place


ART EDUCATION: Bachelor of fine arts from the University of Utah, Salt Lake City.

STYLE: Reckless impressionism. I call it that because I have a love for impressionism, but I use a lot of straight edges and contemporary subject matter recklessly.

INSPIRATION FOR YOUR WINNING PAINTING: That scene is a couple blocks from my studio in my hometown of Bountiful, UT. The sun was setting on a cold winter day, and the colors demanded that I paint them.

SECOND-CHOICE CAREER: Stand-up comedian, woodworker, or audio engineer. I love speakers and loud music.

BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: That I should not merely make pictures but make interesting paintings. Let paint be paint.

CREATIVE SPARK: I love listening to music, and I do so the entire time I’m painting. I listen to all genres. I seek to find the most talented artists in each genre. I also listen to comedy podcasts.

Carbon Monoxide Icicles, oil, 30 x 36.

ONE THING MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU: I have a fascination with glitter and sparkly objects.

BIGGEST FEAR: A fear of failure at life, poverty, and starvation.

PET PEEVE: Not finding a parking space in a big city.

FUTURE GOALS: I would like to be received more on national and international levels.

PRICE RANGE: $600 to $6,000.

REPRESENTATION: Blue Heron Gallery, Wellfleet, MA; 15th Street Gallery, Salt Lake City, UT; Apple Frame Gallery, Bountiful, UT; Brownstone Gallery, Provo, UT; Silver Queen Fine Art, Park City, UT; www.aaronbushnell.com.

Featured in September 2011.