Artists of Note

If you are an art collector looking to learn about as many artists as possible, you’ve come to the right place. Our newest column, Artists of Note, turns the spotlight on contemporary artists from the West and beyond—both emerging artists and established ones—who are worth your attention. In this section you’ll meet artists from all walks of life, with styles ranging from realism to impressionism to abstraction in the plein-air, landscape, still-life, western, and sculpture genres. Here we’ll give special attention to the works these artists create with numerous images of their artwork. Art collectors will recognize some of these artists and also take note of new artists that are on the rise.

Devin Roberts, Apple on Rose, oil, 8 x 8.

Artist of Note | Devin Roberts

While the artist’s work is often described as contemporary realism, he himself describes his style as “emotionalism,” where a river shrouded in fog can be sorrowful and a rolling meadow can be joyful.
Karl Dempwolf, Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies, oil, 16 x 16.

Artist of Note | Karl Dempwolf

California artist Karl Dempwolf has a deep love of nature. When he sets up his paint box, he says, “It’s not really important that it’s going to turn into some fantastic painting. It’s just the act of being out in nature all by myself, sitting in God’s creation, and putting something...

Bill Gallen, Twilight Pattern, oil, 9 x 12.

Artist of Note | Bill Gallen

Gallen’s gestural, impressionistic landscapes, capturing the diverse environments of his adopted New Mexico home and scenes from his travels, arise from a lifelong love of nature and a deep-seated need to express the joy and wonder he finds in it.
Gregory Packard, A New Hope, oil, 30 x 36.

Artists of Note | Gregory Packard

For Montrose, CO, artist Gregory Packard, color is to his paintings what the keynote is to a song. “I love expressing with color because it’s almost endless what you can say,” Packard explains. “Certainly value and composition structure that, but color can set the tone from across the room.”