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Seriously cheerful

Jenny Foster, Mane Attraction, acrylic/oil, 47 x 44.

Jenny Foster, Mane Attraction, acrylic/oil, 47 x 44.

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Growing up in a small town on the Colorado River in Arizona, Jenny Foster naturally gravitated toward art. Her parents weren’t of the artistic ilk, but with unconditional support, they provided her with an easel and oil paints when she was just 7 years old. “I’m really grateful they let me go with it, because it was a natural thing for me to do,” Foster says.

Foster studied fine art at Arizona State University but eventually opted instead for a graphic-design degree. She spent 15 years in the design field, but she began to feel a void in her creative life. Painting at night, Foster eventually took the plunge into fine art. Nearly 25 years later she’s never been happier, and it shows in her unique style of painting; she combines bright colors with abstracted forms. Her animals, and more recently people, are painted in a manner that she hopes celebrates the spirit of life.

Over the years Foster’s works have become looser and more painterly, giving her whimsically abstracted paintings a jovial feel. She starts her works with inspiration, then lets her brush and palette knife move where they may. “I’m not finished until it makes me smile,” she says. “I want it to be happy and to remind you to smile and enjoy life like we did as kids.” —Joe Kovack

Foster’s work can be found at the Celebration of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ, and at Desert Art Collection, Palm Desert, CA; John Hanes Gallery, Boonville, CA; Lund’s Fine Art, Park City, UT; Madaras Gallery, Tucson, AZ; The Art Department, Scottsdale, AZ; Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery, Prescott, AZ; West Lives On Gallery, Jackson Hole, WY; and

Featured in the March 2015 issue of Southwest Art magazine–click below to purchase:
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