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Transporting viewers

Giuliana Aubert, Back Bay Morning, pastel, 11 x 14.

Giuliana Aubert, Back Bay Morning, pastel, 11 x 14.

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For Giuliana Aubert, a fine-art career is a journey—a lifelong odyssey of learning. On a less metaphorical note, Aubert is, in fact, a seasoned traveler, taking regular jaunts from her home near the Pacific Ocean in Southern California to a small town near Lake Como, Italy, where she and her husband maintain a second residence. Hence it comes as no surprise that Aubert has a passion for water as subject matter in her impressionistic landscapes.

Both locales, she says, also offer a sense of vastness that speaks to her creative soul. She relishes standing on the Santa Monica Pier and spotting Malibu off in the distance. Likewise, in Italy, she enjoys glimpsing the Swiss Alps on the far horizon. “I’m not an urban person. I don’t do well with structures around me all the time,” she says.

Aubert has studied with various contemporary artists, but she has also learned from exploring works by deceased masters like Camille Pissarro, whom she appreciates for his short, mosaic-like brush strokes. In terms of her own work, she hopes to convey a sense of place to viewers so that they can imagine being in the scenes she depicts. “Maybe the viewers saw a similar wave or the way the sun hid behind the clouds,” Aubert says. “Or maybe they have been to the location in my painting or dreamed about going there. If they feel transported, my job as an artist is done.” —Bonnie Gangelhoff

Aubert’s works can be found at Italian Tramer Art Lounge, Los Angeles, CA; Grandi Carlo, Bellagio, Italy; and

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